Primary Duties:

1. “…to see that everything is done decently and in order…”

2. Responsible for the correctness of the ceremonies and other business of the Lodge.

3. To receive Grand Lodge Officers and other visitors and assign them their places in accordance with their rank in the Craft.

4. To marshal all processions and demonstrations of the brethren within and without the lodge.

5. To give Grand Honours on all proper occasions.

6. Working knowledge of the Book of Constitutions, Book of Forms and Ceremonies, By-Laws of Discovery Lodge, Lodge Officers Guide and practical workings of the Ancient Usages and Established Customs of the Fraternity.

Secondary Duties:

A. Member of the Board of General Purposes.

B. Supervise the degree practices under the direction of the Worshipful Master.

C. Assist the Worshipful Master in the instruction and working of the ritual with the Lodge Officers.

D. Assist the Worshipful Master and Sponsors with newer brethren and brethren uncomfortable, with the workings of the Lodge. ie: balloting, salutes and protocol.


"Both arms are crossed at the chest, the left uppermost, the open palms of the hands sticking high on the breast; they are then raised above the head with the tips of the fingers touching each other, and then made to fall quietly on the thighs.' (Mackey's Encyclopedia)