Primary Duties:

1. ... to answer all alarms upon the door, to admit Freemasons on approval only, when properly clothed, and obey the commands of the Worshipful Master ..."

2. Meet all brethren entering the Lodge, see that they are properly clothed and vouched for.

3. Announce dignitaries prior to entry to Lodge. G.M. demands; D.D.G.M. seeks; (member) well known brother requests; (non-member) properly vouched for brother requests.

4. Utilize the sword at proper times.

5. Turn Lesser Lights and Alter Lights on and off at the appropriate times.

6. Improve your familiarization with the By-Laws of Discovery Lodge, Lodge Officers Guide, Book of Forms and Ceremonies and the Book of Constitutions.

Secondary Duties:

A. Assist the Deacons in setup and clean-up of Lodge paraphernalia.

B. Operate ventilator fan when needed and see that its operation does not interfere with the enjoyment of the meeting by the brethren.