Primary Duties:

1. “…to attend the Worshipful Master and assist the Wardens…”

2. Supervise the preparation of the Candidates for all degrees.

3. Conduct Candidates through all degrees.

4. Attend the Great Lights at the proper times.

5. Responsible for Fellow Craft Lecture.

6. Responsible for escorting dignitaries.

7. Set-up and clean-up of Lodge Paraphernalia.

8. In charge of ballot box.

Secondary Duties:

A. Propose toast to Grand Lodge.

B. Support the District Deputy Grand Master within his own District.

C. Familiarization of the Book of Constitution, Book of Forms and Ceremonies and the Lodge Officers Guide. A working knowledge of the By-Laws of Discovery Lodge.

D. Back-up for the Entered Apprentice Lecture.