Primary Duties:

1. “…in the absence of the Worshipful Master you are to govern the Lodge; in his presence, you are to assist him in the government of it…”

2. Assist the Worshipful Master to greet and welcome visitors and members.

3. Examine first time visitors if not vouched for.

4. Introduce first time visitors to the Master and the Lodge.

5. Final examination of candidate to see that he has been properly prepared for the degree he is about to take.

6. Responsible for Fellow Craft Obligation.

7. Member of Lodge Finance Committee.

8. Prepare himself to become Worshipful Master.

Secondary Duties:

A. Attend the Grand Master on his official visit to District #22.

B. Travel in the District Deputy Grand Master's Suite on his official visits within the District.

C. Back -up for the Master Mason Lecture in the third degree.

D. Member of Grand Lodge and shall endeavour to attend the Grand Lodge Annual Communication held in June each year; or ensure that the Worshipful Master has appointed a proxy.

E. Responsible for a working knowledge of the By-Laws of Discovery Lodge #149, Forms and Ceremonies, The Book of Constitutions, and as well the Lodge Officers Guide.

F. Member of Mid Island Master and Wardens Association.