“…..to see that everything is done decently and in order....”

​It is your duty to see that the lodge is properly prepared and that all brethren appear in the lodge in the clothing prescribed in the Book of Constitutions, and that every brother when in lodge or at refreshment, is placed according to his masonic rank. You shall have the direction of processions on all public occasions.

​It is also your duty to see that everything is done decently and in order and that there is no confusion or mismanagement in the ceremonies or other business of the lodge.

​You should receive Grand Lodge officers and other visitors and see that they are assigned their proper places in the lodge room in accordance with their rank in the Craft.

​You should be conversant with the Book of Forms and Ceremonies and well skilled in the ancient usages and established customs of the fraternity, so that you may with due authority, correct that which may be wrong and guard against innovations in the body of Freemasonry.

​You are free to move about the lodge to assure that the work is performed without confusion, while still maintaining the dignity of the occasion. During the conferral of degrees you should be the only prompter and the only one with a ritual book open.

​Your punctual and regular attendance at all communications and rehearsals of the lodge is essentially necessary.