“... to keep proper records of events of your lodge....”

​As Historian, you should preserve the archives of your lodge and keep a record of events within and without the lodge which the regular minutes, written by the Secretary, may not record. Photographs and videos of social events with the members and their families are strongly recommended; photographs of visiting brethren or of gatherings of the lodge, picnics, dances, barbeques, fraternal visits, presentation of long service pins, visits of relatives, of the candidates, work parties, etc. are events that should be preserved. Note that no photographs are allowed while the lodge is at labour.

​The by-laws of your lodge may state that annually you give an account of what you propose to place in the historical records of the lodge. Lodges, many years old, have returned to historical records and used them to present a reading of events which happened many years earlier. In your capacity as Historian, you are ensuring that in years to come brethren will be able to read with interest some of the entertaining events of your lodge.