“ to suffer none to pass or repass except such as are duly qualified....”

​Your duties are set forth in the charge at installation, which can be found in the Book of Forms and Ceremonies.

​Situated immediately inside the entrance to the lodge, you should take your place in good time before the lodge is opened, so that you can meet the brethren as they enter the lodge, and at the same time see that they are properly clothed, and vouched for. Introduce yourself to anyone you do not recognize, find out who he is, and, if he is a first-time visitor, introduce him to the Senior Warden or Director of Ceremonies When the lodge is in session it is then your duty to report any alarms and to obey the commands of the Junior Warden (in the Canadian work) or the Worshipful Master (in the Ancient or American work). You should make a point of familiarizing yourself with the duties of the office above you in order that you will be able to perform those duties with ease in due course.

​As an officer of the lodge it is your duty to aid and support the Worshipful Master and Senior Officers wherever possible, and by your regular attendance and attention to the duties of your office, evince your interest in the lodge and your desire to advance in office. If your lodge has a manual of officers’ duties, familiarize yourself with it.