“the equal measures you are bound to pursue in conjunction with the Worshipful Master in the ruling and governing of the lodge....”

​The importance of your office is second only to that of the Worshipful Master, and for this reason your regular attendance at all communications of your lodge is essential.

​You are expected, during your year as Senior Warden, to carefully understudy the duties entailed in the office of Worshipful Master, so that when you succeed to that important office you will be well prepared to undertake the government of the lodge with complete confidence.

​In the absence of the Worshipful Master you shall succeed to and be charged with, all his powers and duties, but shall not assume his chair. In such an event it is your prerogative to ask a Past Master to occupy the Worshipful Master’s chair and conduct the business.

​You are expected, during your year, to familiarize yourself with the Book of Constitutions, especially those sections concerning Constituent lodges. The Book of Forms and Ceremonies you will also find helpful, and you should, of course, be thoroughly familiar with the by-laws of your lodge, which knowledge will stand you in good stead in the year ahead.

​It is recommended that you observe carefully the duties of Worshipful Master as set out herein, together with the other sections of this booklet, which have been specially compiled to assist lodge officers, such as yourself, to carry out their duties now and in the future with a greater measure of self-confidence, which will mean so much in making for a happy and successful year of office.

​Use the year as Senior Warden to prepare a plan for your anticipated year as Master: plan an agenda, prepare committees, and initiate a meeting book with an agenda for each meeting.