“...to guard against the approach of cowans and eavesdroppers....”

​Your office is one of considerable importance, for being situated outside the door of the lodge you are in a position to observe all brethren who approach the entrance to the lodge, and to make sure that they are duly qualified. You are a prime member of the committee to welcome visitors and members, and as such should be courteous and obliging, cultivating the habit of a firm handclasp, a warm smile, and a friendly greeting.

​You may be the first brother an unknown visitor meets. Introduce him to other brethren so that he may be properly accommodated. If you find a visitor who cannot be vouched for, then your duty is to request the Worshipful Master to appoint an Examining Committee, that the Tyler’s Oath be then administered.

​Other duties pertaining to your office are:
a. To see that all members and visitors sign the Porch Book before entering the lodge.
b. Should a brother wish to enter the lodge while the lodge is at labour, ensure that the brother is advised as to the degree the lodge is working in.
c. To give and answer alarms as may be necessary.
d. To prepare the lodge with such other assistance as the Worshipful Master may direct. You should be thoroughly familiar with the proper arrangement of the lodge, the preparation room and the anteroom, and all the equipment. The candidates suits in the preparation room should be clean. Clean aprons, the Porch Book, a current List of Lodges Masonic, and V.o.S.L. for examinations, should be available in the anteroom.
e. To assist the Stewards in the proper storage and safe keeping of regalia and other paraphernalia.
f. To manage the anteroom while the lodge is in session. (Sometimes brethren in the anteroom forgetfully engage in loud talk and laughter that is disturbing to the lodge while in session. It is your prerogative to tactfully maintain order and decorum in the anteroom).

​You should be thoroughly familiar with masonic procedures and courtesies, opening and closing lodge, and the proper introduction of the Grand Master or his representative, which information is covered in Section III “Visitation of G.M.”

​Your regular and punctual attendance at all communications of the lodge is essential, for you are one officer in particular whom a Worshipful Master depends greatly on for the smooth performance of his meeting. You are expected to give the Tyler’s Toast at the close of refreshment boards of your lodge.

​A common version of the Tyler’s Toast

     ​To all poor and distressed Brethren,
     Wheresoever they may be,
     On land, the sea or in the air.
     A speedy relief from their suffering,
     And a safe return to their native land,
     If they so desire.
     To all poor and distressed Brethren.