Primary Duties: 

1. “…to keep a just account of the receipts and expenditures…”

2. To receive all monies due the Lodge from the hands of the Secretary and give his receipt therefore, and deposit them immediately in the Bank Account so selected by Discovery Lodge #149.

3. To make due entries and account of all monies deposited in, and withdrawn from, the Lodge Bank Account, and any other financial transactions.

4. To see that all accounts owed by the Lodge are approved at a regular communication, referred to the Finance Committee and if found correct, are paid by cheque signed by two Authorized Officers.

5. To see that all bond, insurance policies and valuable papers are placed in a bank for safe keeping, or in a safety deposit box to each of which only the Trustees or Authorized Officers shall have access.

6. To see that all cheque stubs, cancelled cheques, bank statements, and records are kept for examination by the Auditors.

7. To see that all your books and records are available for examination by the District Deputy Grand Master.

8. To encourage and assist the Lodge to prepare and adopt a budget.

9. To advise the Lodge on all financial matters.

10. Attend to closing the books immediately after the 20th of December of each year. The Books shall remain closed until January 1st following. Shall see that the appointed auditors perform the audit, and shall at the Regular Communication in February present a statement of the receipts and expenditures, only certified by the Auditors.