Primary Duties:

1. “…to guard against the approach of cowans eavesdroppers and allow none to pass or re-pass unless duly and qualified…”

2. Responsible for Porch Book and ensuring all have signed the book prior to entering the Lodge Room. Also the candidates after receiving their degree.

3. Greet all members and visitors.

4. Request examinations for all unvouched for visitors.

5. Announce visitors to Inner Guard. G.M. Demands; D.D.G.M. seeks; a well-known requests; a properly vouched for brother requests.

6. Ensure all members and visitors are properly clothed before sounding the alarm, after Lodge IS opened and in session.

7. Tyler's toast at the banquet table.
"To the relief of all worthy distressed Bro. Master Masons, their widows and orphans where ever dispersed, may they have a safe return to their home and kindred if they so desire."

Secondary Duties:

A. Secure the Porch Book after Lodge closes.

B. Assist Jr. Deacon with candidates during opening of Lodge, when necessary.