Primary Duties:

1. “…the honour, reputation, and usefulness of the Lodge will materially depend upon the skill and ability  with which you manage its affairs…”

2. Responsible both to your Brethren and to Grand Lodge for the conduct and well being of your Lodge.

3. As principal officer you have the authority necessary to manage its affairs.

4. You must see that the affairs of your Lodge are conducted in strict conformity with the Laws, Regulations, and Edicts of Grand Lodge.

5. The ritualistic work of your Lodge shall conform with the Ritual it has adopted.

6. Member of Lodge Finance Committee, and to certify to the correctness of all accounts before payments of the same shall be made.

7. Responsible for Master Mason Obligation

8. Responsible for lecture on Letter "G"; F.C.M. degree.

Secondary Duties:

A. Attend the Grand Master on his official visit to District #22. Introduce Discovery Lodge members to the Grand Master at the appropriate time.

B. Travel in the District Deputy Grand Master's Suite on his official visits within the district.

C. Member of Discovery Masonic Temple Association.

D. Member of the Board of General Purposes.

E. Responsible for a working knowledge of the By-Laws of Discovery Lodge, The Book of Constitutions, the Book of Forms and Ceremonies and the Lodge
Officers Guide.

F. Shall endeavour to attend the Grand Lodge Annual Communication held in June each year. Ensure that proxies are assigned.

G. Member of Mid Island Master and Wardens Association.